Orthopedic Sports Therapy

About Us

We are a patient-centered physical therapy clinic, meaning that your treatment and rehabilitation are priority number one, each and every visit. You will spend each visit with your physical therapist only, from the evaluation on day one to your last session. This provides the physical therapist with the opportunity to re-assess in real-time and adjust your care as appropriate. Our goal is to return you to what you love to do, and teach you the tools to stay healthy!

We strongly believe in clear communication with everyone involved in your care and we make every effort to be sure you are educated about all aspects of your rehabilitation. You will find us accessible and ready to answer any questions regarding your care.

To continually improve our service and hold ourselves accountable, we have invested in measuring functional patient outcomes and patient satisfaction using a third-party outcomes system, Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes, FOTO. We respond to the information from FOTO to constantly adapt and advance the services to our patients.