Orthopedic Sports Therapy


“The experience at Orthopedic Sports Therapy is very professional and there is a lot of personal attention. I would absolutely recommend Orthopedic Sports Therapy to a friend!”


“I went to Pam’s office for a few visits to address persistent issues (glutes and later, plantar fasciitis) prior to doing a few challenging mountain climbs. She gave me a full diagnosis and series of at-home exercises which I have daily (mostly) adhered to since. Highly recommend her clinic for anyone who is motivated to stay fit and maintain an active lifestyle. Thanks Pam!”


“Pam explains everything, makes you feel comfortable and best of all – It works! Thank you!”


“The best part about Orthopedic Sports Therapy is the level of detail evaluating and explaining the issues. I always feel better when I leave!”


“A few years ago, I suffered lower back pain on a daily basis. Some days, it was so painful that I seriously considered doing nothing so that I wouldn’t have to move. This meant lying on the couch while my kids watched tv, and basically living like an invalid, getting the kids and my husband to do everything for me. One day, i asked Pam offhand if she knew of any exercises that would mitigate this pain. She took a look, figured out the issue, and literally within 15 minutes my back stopped hurting! The exercises she gave me were easy to do, and really help minimize the lower back aches. Now, I am a Crossfit athlete, involved Mom, and overall pain free. I highly recommend Pam and Orthopedic Sports Therapy to anyone with back pain. They rock!!! Thanks, Pam!!!”


“I am really lucky to have connected with Orthopedic Sports Therapy for physical therapy. Pam is very skilled and insightful.”


“Pam has a high level of professionalism and knowledge. The Orthopedic Sports Therapy experience is very good overall.”


“It’s almost miraculous how much better I feel. After having pain near my tailbone for years, I feel almost completely better after only 3 sessions at Orthopedic Sports Therapy. I can finally row again without pain! I highly recommend Orthopedic Sports Therapy!”